Wholesale Beads And Charms

How To Properly Organize Your jewelry beads and charms

When purchasing a large number of jewelry findings such as beads and charms, storage is usually the number one issue that customers come across. This is especially true when someone is running a business and looking to resell jewelry findings for a profit as presentation makes all the difference in the world. Before you give up hope and feel overwhelmed with your supplies, here are a few organization tips:

Always Sort Based On Category

It’s your decision to make how you will sort your jewelry findings, but it’s important to do so before worrying about the aesthetics of your display. Sorting based on a certain category can help you get done with sorting faster. For example, you can sort your beads and charms based on subject matter, color, material, size or any number of factors. In fact, depending on the number of wholesale findings you order, you may need to create subcategories for your sorting.

For Yourself Vs. Customers

You need to establish early on whether you’re purchasing the findings for yourself or for customers as your organization and display will make a difference in overall presentation. You have more freedom to sort your charms and beads any way you want when they’re for personal use, but if you’re looking to sell them, you’ll not only need an attractive display, but one customers can easily gain access to.

Organized Display Ideas

*Canning jars make a great display item for bulky beads or large quantities of findings. They can be labelled with chalk board stickers or little tags, and the clear nature of the canning jars makes it easy to view the contents. The jars can be displayed on shelving at home or in your store to attract attention. Do keep in mind that you can purchase canning jars in a number of sizes to fit your needs!

*Vintage bottles, especially the apothecary variety, also add interest to any display while making it easy for you to organize your jewelry findings. In fact, vintage glass bottles come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors so they give your organization a touch of artistic merit.

*Plastic boxes with divided compartments are perfect when you’re traveling with your findings or need low maintenance display for personal use. These boxes can easily be stacked and have a snap closure to protect your findings.

*When looking to entice potential customers into making a purchase, try using wooden or metal bowls to display them. They aren’t spill-proof, but they can make sorting a breeze and provide customers the ability to see what they want to buy.

Wholesale purchases are often bulky and require a great deal of effort when it comes to storage, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to organize everything the right way. Charms and beads tend to be small and difficult to handle in bulk, but that’s not the case if you’re able to organize everything into the right containers for yourself or your store.