What To Look For In A Wholesale Beads Shop

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Artisans who enjoy making jewelry will often opt to purchase their jewelry findings in bulk as it allows them to save money and produce more than one piece of jewelry in a similar style. In fact, it can be said that if you’re looking to make six or more pieces of jewelry, finding a wholesale beads shop online is a great way to save money and make shopping just a bit easier. Of course, there are dozens of online retailers with wholesale pricing, so how do you know which one is right for you? A great store in the upstate is shop with is Carolina Bead Shop


*Check the offerings.

Regardless of how trustworthy a company is, you need to make sure that their offerings match your artistic needs as well as your style. You shouldn’t need to compromise for your project as the retailer doesn’t have nearly enough options for you to choose from. Before placing an order, always peruse the categories of beads and make sure they cover the basics such as wood, acrylic, glass, crystal, metal, and gemstone. Knowing you have a lot of options to choose from will ensure that the store is the right fit.

*The minimum order.

What is the minimum order when purchasing wholesale? The point of wholesale is to purchase items in bulk, but you also need to be realistic whether you actually require large quantities of certain beads. For example, if the minimum order of beads is 10,000 pieces but you only need 2,000, is it worth getting stuck with the extras? Business owners will have no trouble unloading additional beads, but for personal use, wholesale minimum requirements should be taken into consideration.

*Consider the pricing.

A wholesale beads store should be helping you save money and not just charge the same amount for buying in bulk as they would for smaller quantities. Some companies just multiply the amount they deem wholesale with their regular prices which is unscrupulous as you’re not getting a good deal. You need to ensure that when buying in bulk you’re actually saving money.

*Is there a guarantee?

Are the beads you purchase guaranteed against any defects? It’s important to know that you’re getting quality jewelry findings and not just purchasing low quality goods. Most merchants make it easy for you to know upfront if they’re willing to offer refunds or will accept returns.

*Check the customer service.

You may need to be dealing with a wholesaler on a regular basis, therefore, it’s important to know that they will stand behind you as a customer. For example, if you ask a question, do they promptly respond? Are they willing to work with you when something goes wrong?

Shopping online can make your life easier and less complicated, but you need to make sure that you’re working with a retailer that you can trust. Knowing what to expect and checking out the response from a company can make a world of difference in the service you’re likely to receive and your level of satisfaction.

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